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Stepan is a global leader in esterification and the manufacture of polyester polyols. Stepan’s polyester polyols are used by formulators in the industry to improve the performance of adhesion, chemical resistance, abrasion and impact resistance on a multitude of surfaces. Stepan’s geographic reach and technical support ensures our customers can rely on us as a local resource.

Find the Right Polyester Polyol for Your Application

STEPANPOL polyester polyols offer formulators versatility to tailor industrial coatings, radiation curable oligomers and polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). These products may be used as building blocks in 1K coatings or as primary reactants in 2K coatings. These polyols are used to make coatings with very good abrasion resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance, and/or weatherability. These products can be compatibilized with other resin systems such aspartic and acrylic polyols.

Stepan offers a broad range of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters including prepolymer grade products. Prepolymer grades are neutralized to slow their reactivity with isocyanates in prepolymer manufacture.

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    New High Functional Low Viscosity Polyester Polyols

    Discover the newest generation of polyester polyols for the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers market from Stepan Company. Designed to lower volatile organic compound levels in polyurethane coatings, they provide excellent properties for industrial and maintenance coating applications.

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