Polyurethane Adhesives & Sealants

Stepan supplies aromatic and aliphatic polyester polyols that are specifically engineered to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of the adhesive (including binders) industry. We have developed a line of high-quality polyols that deliver enhanced hydrolytic stability and adhesion to diverse substrates.

PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

STEPANPOL® polyester polyols allow formulation flexibility in PUR hot melt adhesive applications, including green strength, creep resistance, substrate bonding profiles and open time.

Common Applications:

  • Fabric laminating
  • Fast-set woodworking
  • Product assembly
  • Structural adhesives
  • Automotive light weighting
  • Sandwich panels

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Flexible Packaging

STEPANPOL delivers superior hydrolytic stability under acidic and basic conditions, improves flexibility, extends pot life and promotes adhesion to a variety of commonly used substrates. It also provides thermal stability for flexible packaging.

Common Packaging Applications:

  • FDA compliant polyols (food packaging)
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical 
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    New High Functional Low Viscosity Polyester Polyols

    Discover the newest generation of polyester polyols for the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers market from Stepan Company. Designed to lower volatile organic compound levels in polyurethane coatings, they provide excellent properties for industrial and maintenance coating applications.

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